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If you want to learn how to write unit tests in iOS, take a look at Effective Unit Testing. It describes how to add unit tests to the CleanStore sample app, and test driven development.

I’m currently running a special bundle package to get both of these great books for $30 off. You can get it with this special link.


  1. Hi, Raymond.
    My name is Sergey. I’m iOS Developer from Ukraine.
    Today I find your blog and subscribe to your Swift List + download all Xcode templates.
    I start learning Swift and want to write clear code.
    Please write what me better to do now – wait your e-mail list from subscribe or read articles from blog? If last in what order?
    I think subscribe is best choice.
    What is the term of the subscription?

    Best regards,
    Sergey M.

    1. Hi Sergey,

      I recommend reading my blog articles from the oldest first. I also write to my list subscribers with contents that are not found on my site as there are more engagements there. I just did a private workshop with my subscribers earlier this month, and I’ll announce more workshops in the future.

  2. Hello Raymond,

    I’m Den, newest iOS developer. I start to write my first CoreData project and wrote it, but I take a problem with MVC. I find Your blog, and understand this is the right way for my app. I start to lear your posts, download templates and sample project, but … now released SWIFT 3… Code of templates and samples not working now(( What I must to correct in files, generated by Your templates to use its? When new sample project can expect?
    Waiting for Your answer.

    Best regards,

  3. Hi Raymond!

    Awesome article about Clean Swift Architecture.
    I’m an iOS Developer (Swift) for 2 years first using MVC then MVVM and now im going to prove this way!

    Just one dude, the templates are ready for Swift 3?

    Best Regards!

  4. Hi Raymond,
    Just downloaded template today. I created a storyboard, added a Table View Controller to it and added the seven swift files via the templates (all at once). When I try to connect the storyboard TVC to the CreateOrderViewController (UITableViewController) it does not show up in the identity inspector’s class dropdown list. I believe I followed the steps in the video.

    1. Hi Raymond,
      I changed file name of CreateOrderViewController and created a new UITableViewController file manually, not using template. Then I copied all of the code generated by the template into the new file. It works now. Is the template creating the wrong type of file?

  5. Can’t download, I received this error message “Sorry, this item is not available in your location”
    Could you please remove this restriction?

  6. Can’t download, I received this error message “Sorry, this item is not available in your location”
    Could you please remove this restriction?

  7. Raymond,
    Just recently found your Clean Swift blog and read the original post. Nice to see that many of my initial concerns (duplicate protocols, etc/) have been addressed in more recent versions.

    I am primarily doing MacOS development at the moment, not IOS. Obviously the VIP principals can be applied there as well.

    My question is: Have you, or are you planning to create a MacOS version of the templates?


  8. Can’t download, I received this error message “Sorry, this item is not available in your location”
    Could you please remove this restriction?

  9. HI ,
    I download swift template file but unable to show in Xcode template file.
    Can you please suggest me , how to put these files in in Xcode template?


    1. Hi Garry,

      There is a README in the download with instructions on how to install the templates. Keep in mind these are file templates, not project templates.

  10. Hi Raymond,
    I downloaded your templates but don’t know how to import. I tried some ways but it did not work.

    I’m using XCode 10

    1. Hi Robert,

      There is a file with instructions to install the templates in the download. It just uses the Makefile, so you just need to run make install_templates in the Terminal.

  11. I didn’t get any download link for Xcode Template. Can you please help me, how to download it? I have successfully subscribed.

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