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I believe application architecture comes before testing. And I’ve written two books about these two topics that go hand-in-hand.

The Clean Swift Handbook helps you quickly jump start your Clean Swift journey. You’ll learn all the essential concepts about Clean Architecture, get set up in 5 minutes, follow along how I implement a new feature in the CleanStore sample app. And a special bonus into my premium mentorship program. This ebook is a complete walkthrough of the CleanStore sample app. It covers all the scenes and use cases in the app, from start to finish. It’s also updated to work with the latest Clean Swift templates, Xcode 8 & 9 beta, and Swift 3 & 4. The handbook serves as your go-to resource that you’ll keep referring to when building your own apps.

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You’ve probably heard a lot of good things about unit testing and TDD. My book Effective Unit Testing teaches you how to make writing unit tests fun. You’ll gain the confidence you need to make changes to your app without introducing regressions. By making unit testing your daily development routine, you’ll never waste your time reading and re-reading code for every feature and bug fix. Your tests will run fast that you actually want to run them often to receive immediate feedback.

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I also wrote a book called Function Keys on designing your functions in general, regardless of what architecture you use for you app.

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You can get both The Clean Swift Handbook and Effective Unit Testing at a great discounted bundle price. Just head over to either book’s details page and you’ll find the bundle link at the bottom of the page.


My Clean Swift Mentorship Program is designed to help you level up your iOS development skills. You’re no longer just churning out code to meet specs and deadlines. You’ll apply Clean Architecture and unit testing to your own projects.

You’ll gain access to a community full of Clean Swift experts, available 24/7 at your fingertips. Learn real-world software architecture skills. Get instant answers to your burning questions. No more sorting through numerous blog posts and StackOverflow answers. Get instant answers to your project specific questions. Receive feedback to your code from reviews by experienced coders. And much more.

That one piece of sage wisdom can help you avoid missteps and save you time and money.

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Most likely, a developer on your team has already stumbled upon this site and has benefited from Clean Swift on one of your projects. And now he wants to introduce it to other developers on your team, for the next project.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to teach others, and get them on board, even when you know it’ll benefit them tremendously. Other times, he may have questions himself and no answers. After all, this is quite new to him.

This is a time when a more authoritative voice can bring huge values.

Or, you’re the CTO or Director of Mobile Development in your company. You have a budget to spend to improve your team. You could send them to a conference to have fun. But it doesn’t seem to produce any long lasting impact.

Or, you could buy them books or subscribe to some online courses. But you have no idea if they’re just collecting dust and not taking advantage of them. They could be sitting at their desks and just go ahem ahem. You would’ve wasted the time and money with no measurable ROI.

What you really want is to provide practical training to your team so that you can measure their increased productivity.

At the end of my training program, I’ll produce a detailed report on what we’ve learned and how much progress each person has made. Are they up for a more senior role and be able to make some high level decisions without involving you?

To ensure each of your developer learns all the essential software engineering skills, I also provide 30-day access to my Clean Swift Mentorship Program. They can ask me questions if they need clarifications on the training materials. Or, they can ask for advice on how to implement something specific to your project.

At the conclusion of the training, you can confidently sell your prospects about the quality of your developers. With this competitive edge, you’ll be able to charge more and close more.

If that resonates, you may be an ideal fit for my training program.

I offer the training that you need to level up your team. They’ll learn how to write clean Swift code, architect the functions of an app, and maintain it with a solid test suite. They’ll also get hands-on experience by building a class project. It’s an investment that will pay off tremendously, as the materials will be applicable to future projects. The concepts will also be universally applicable across platforms.

The live part of the training program lasts 4 days long, and 4 hours each day. This allows your developers to participate in the training while still being available to work on your projects. They’ll also have time to digest the training materials and apply them in a class project to receive feedback.

It will be conducted online, so it doesn’t matter where you’re from. We’ll take advantage of Slack’s screen sharing and pair programming capabilities. You don’t need to be hassled by having to provide a venue or arrange my travel.

After the live training completes, your team will have personal, private access to me in my mentorship program. That’s when the practice and real-world application happens. They will be able to ask me follow-up questions to the class project, as well as to your company projects.

The training program costs $2,000 per developer. A minimum of 3 developers is required to book a session. To ensure there’s enough time for interactions and questions, each session should not exceed 20 developers.

Get in touch to ask for availability and schedule now.


I also do project based consulting work, and typically help lead development teams to create a Clean Swift culture.

My work has two aspects: architecture, then testing. First, I make sure the app is organized and architected using best practices. Only then the code will be testable.

If it’s a new app, I’ll establish the coding conventions to be followed by the team. Next, I’ll teach the core principles of Clean Swift by demonstrating how to implement the first feature. I’ll also demonstrate how to properly write unit tests for the feature.

For an existing app, I’ll usually inherit the existing coding conventions, if any, and make adjustments. Next, I’ll pick an existing feature and convert it to Clean Swift. This is important because it’s rather pointless to write tests for code that’s going away.

Throughout the engagement, my main goal is to cultivate a confident and self-sufficient mindset in your team, while working on your real project. I’m not just a pair of hired hands to churn out code. Rather, this should be viewed as an investment, not a cost, you make on your team. I’ll be your coach who advises and trains your team to increase their productivity, and therefore, your project success rate. When I’m done, each developer on the team will have leveled up. They’ll be able to apply the Clean Swift principles to consistently produce high quality code to any project.

In order to allow ample time to cultivate these best practices into your team, I require at least two months commitment.

Get in touch to ask for availability and schedule now.

Alternatively, for more short-term consulting work, you can choose one of my packages following this link.