Consulting Services

For your convenience, I’m offering my best consulting services as low-risk, fixed-price packages. If you don’t find a package that meets your needs, drop me an email to discuss a custom engagement.

Hourly Consulting

You can hire me to work on your iOS apps by the hours at US$150/hr. Reserve now

Mentorship Program

Learn real-world software architecture skills. Get instant answers to your burning questions. No more sorting through numerous blog posts and StackOverflow answers. Get instant answers to your project specific questions. Receive feedback to your code from reviews by other experienced coders. That one piece of sage wisdom can help you avoid missteps and save you time and money. Join our community now to gain access to other Clean Swift experts.

The Clean Swift Mentorship Program costs $149/month. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. Learn more

Right Start

You know how important it is to start a project the right way. Code for the feature is put in the right classes and files. Tests are written to cover the edge cases. If done right, you don’t need to waste time to refactor. So it is absolutely critical to start the right way. Better yet, it serves as a blueprint to onboard the next new developer to the team.

Right Start costs $2,000. Learn more

Right Code

You already have an existing project that sort of works. But new features are slower and harder to implement. Bugs start to creep up but are difficult to locate and fix. And there are no unit tests to make sure things still work when you make changes. Your app has an architectural problem, and you know you need to do something sooner rather than later. Right Code is designed to solve these problems, and also equip your team to avoid them in the future.

Right Code costs $2,500. Learn more


I offer the training that you need to level up your team. Your developers will learn how to architect your app and write unit tests to make sure it always works. Each training engagement is conducted live and online for 4 hours for 4 days. So it doesn’t matter where you’re working from. Your team will also access to my mentorship program for follow-up questions.

The training program costs $2,000 per developer. A minimum of 3 developers is required to book a session. Book a session now

Monthly Technical Direction for Teams

You want to make sure your project is a continued success. You are looking for ongoing guidance, decision making, support, and team coaching. You invest in hiring the best developers, but are still struggling to achieve a good level of software code quality. This monthly service allows you to receive top-notch guidance without hiring a technical director in-house.

Packages start at $8,000/month (depending on the team size). Email me for details