In the spirits of Thanksgiving and Black Friday

As the holidays are around the corner and 2019 is upon us, I want to share a few updates with you.

  1. The Clean Swift Handbook is undergoing a huge update. I added a brand new chapter about an iOS developer’s journey. And I’m not done. In the coming weeks, there’ll be another chapter on the origin and motivation behind the Clean Architecture. You’ll also find the complete system (with detailed steps) explicitly defined for you to follow when you implement features and fix bugs. Existing chapters of the book will also be expanded based on the last year’s feedback.

    If you bought the book or the bundle, you should already receive an email about the update. Or, you can also go to your Gumroad account to download the latest version. From now to next Monday, you can save 20% off either book, or the bundle. Just enter the promo code blackfriday at checkout.

  2. I’m building a new course to teach how to build a complex, non-trivial iOS app in a real work environment. The app you’ll be building is not any demo app that you find in other books and courses. It involves specific business logic, networking, custom views, among others. Unless you’re building a hobby app, nobody works alone. You’ll be learning how to write code that is fully encapsulated such that every developer productivity is maximized. You’ll learn how to divide the work to avoid code conflicts. It’s going to be one of its kind.

    The course is designed to be at least 3 months long. You’ll be working very closely with me in a team environment. So the number of seats is going to be extremely limited. There’ll be more details to come. If you think you’ll be interested, reply to this email and let me know now. I can send you updates as soon as it’s ready to launch. This course is a lot of work for me, which leads me to …

  3. I’m trying something new on the consulting side. Consultants typically charge an hourly rate. I generally don’t do that. Instead, I opt for a small project upfront. If things go well, we’ll end up with a longer term engagement. However, that also means, at the beginning of a new project, there are more contracts, paperwork and scoping work.

    I want to get that time back to work on the course. So, I’m starting a new way to do consulting work. Staring now, you can hire me by the hours at US$150/hr. Simply go here and choose the number of hours you want to buy. At this point, I’m only taking iOS work written in Swift and built with the Clean Swift architecture. It can be a new or existing project. I’ll re-evaluate after 6 months to see if I want to continue to offer this with any rate adjustment.

Happy Holidays!

I've been developing in iOS since the iPhone debuted, jumped on Swift when it was announced. Writing well-tested apps with a clean architecture has been my goal.

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