I have organized my articles into a list of easy-to-follow categories below.

About Clean Swift

Tired of MVC? But MVVM and VIPER don’t feel quite right? There are reasons for it. Code dependence. Data dependence. Unidirectional flow of control. Just to name a few issues for these alternatives. If you just master the simple VIP cycle in Clean Swift, you can isolate your code into small and testable components. You can solve all of these problems, and have a beautiful, consistent architecture for your iOS apps.

All about Mocking

Unit Testing Basics

I’ve written a book to teach you how to write unit tests effectively. If you want to make your tests fast so you’ll actually run them and run them often to receive immediate feedback, check out Effective Unit Testing. You’ll develop the confidence that your change will not break existing features, and never have to worry about introducing regression. Write non-fragile unit tests that are assets, not liabilities. Use TDD to write testable code that drives feature development.

Test Driven Development – Step-by-Step

Architecture Concepts

Refactoring Techniques

Your Questions – Answered

Don’t Fit Anywhere Else