Right Start

You care about code quality and test coverage, and you want to start this new project with the right foot in the right direction. You’ve tried to do the same with the last project. But for whatever reasons, it always ended up being a mess. Over time, the app became harder to maintain. There is always part of the code that no developer wants to touch, because they know they would break something. New features are hard to implement as the code always mingle together with the old technical debt.

You want to do the right thing this time, but are afraid the result would be the same.

Let’s do it right this time

I can help you start your project in the right way. I’ll bootstrap a new Xcode project, so you’ll have everything you need for a new iOS app written in the Clean Swift architecture.

I’ll record my screen to show you how to:

  • Install the Clean Swift templates
  • Create your first scene
  • Implement your first feature
  • Write unit tests for the feature

You can keep the video forever, and refer to it as many times as you need. It’ll be perfect on-boarding for new developers. They’ll be able to get up to speed quickly, and learn how your team works. After learning the Clean Swift system, they’ll be productive on day one to get things done, the right way.

Compare to what typically happens when other companies onboard new developers. Without an established, proven system, for every new developer you bring to the team, it takes away time from your senior developers. They have to stop work to show the new developer how the app architecture works and how tests are written.

Or, you can just buy Right Start once, and you get to use it to onboard any new developer new to your project.

To ensure you are making progress toward a successful project, this package also includes one month access to my mentorship program in Slack. Your developer can use this to ask me questions whenever they’re stuck or have doubts.

What’s included?

After the engagement starts, it’ll take at least 2 days for me to learn about your project and understand the requirements. Next, I’ll start the implementation, which takes approximately 2 weeks. Finally, I’ll deliver to you the following:

  • A video screencast to walk through step-by-step my development process
  • A bootstrapped project using the Clean Swift architecture
  • A select feature implementation covered by unit tests
  • Mentorship program invitation

Here’s how to get started

Right Start costs just $2,000. Click the button below to fill out an application. I’ll get back to you with scheduling and payment link.