Right Code

When you start a new project, it starts perfectly. There is no old cruft. New features are implemented and tested according to spec. Bugs are ticketed and fixed promptly. There are no big surprises. Everything is easy and takes little time to finish.

Over time, the app grows in size and becomes difficult to maintain. Under the mounting pressure of ambitious features, newly discovered bugs, and tight deadlines, you start to take shortcuts. It feels so much easier than having to refactor. You tell yourself this is going to be a one-time thing. Then comes the next feature, the next bug. You face the same dilemma. Should you go for the quick hack again?

This never-ending stress leads to a mountain of technical debts. No matter what you tell your boss, you know it’ll never be paid off.

What if you can refactor and take back control of your app

When you take a proactive approach and put the right application architecture in place, your app will be a joy to work with. Developers can focus on implementing features and fixing bugs. They don’t have to waste time trying to track down where things go wrong. Most of all, work will be completed within time and budget.

As you know, developers come and go. They rotate on different projects. Every developer has a different style and ideas. As a result, your app can look like it’s being patched together. There’s no standard or structure as to how things are done.

Imagine you can establish a process for how every feature is implemented.

Your code will be consistent and easy to follow. You no longer depend on a single developer, because only he knows how things work. Even if he leaves, you still have the process in place. You can train the new developer to get up to speed quickly, using the same coding style and clean architecture.

How can well tested code benefit you

Your developers may even have written some unit tests. But because they aren’t actively maintained, you can’t trust them. The tests don’t completely cover your app’s use cases. And they may take a long time to run. When they pass, you can’t even be confident that your app actually works. When the fail, you aren’t sure what and where it goes wrong. Eventually, you stop running them altogether.

When your architecture is clean, unit tests will be effective. Imagine your app is fully covered by your test suite. They specify all edge cases for your features. You know exactly whether the features are considered done, and implemented to spec. The unit tests will also warn you before you release your app to the App Store. You don’t have to worry about new features breaking existing features.

Your tests will not be so fragile that changing one line of code breaks 25 tests. You’ll finally be able to continue development, and keep the forward momentum going with a steady velocity. Your unit tests will run fast, so that your developers won’t skip running them before they commit any code. Your repository will always reflect a working version of your app.

Right Code can help you achieve these goals

I’ll work closely with your developers to evaluate the current codebase. Work will be divided into two phases: assessment and implementation.


This gives you an idea of how well your codebase is and what it will take to achieve measurable improvements:

  • A thorough code review of the current state of your app
  • A complete breakdown of every screen and feature to give you the big picture
  • An actionable plan to improve your app architecture with best estimates of the level of effort

This assessment will help you make the decisions on what areas of your app to improve based on your time and budget.


I will pick one screen in your app to use as an example to:

  • Show step-by-step how a refactoring process is done
  • Introduce the Clean Swift architecture
  • Demonstrate how to write unit tests and what to test
  • Put a process in place for feature implementation to satisfy high-level business use cases

This will teach your developers the best practices that they can follow for this and future apps.

To ensure you are making progress toward a successful project, this package also includes one month access to my mentorship program in Slack. Your developer can use this to ask me questions whenever they’re stuck or have doubts.

Here’s how to get started

After you fill out the application below, I’ll carefully read over your answers and follow up with questions. I’ll also let you know my availability to see if we can fit into each other’s schedule. If we both determine it’s a good fit, I’ll send you a payment link. After payment is received, I’ll pencil you in my calendar.

Once work starts, you can expect a turnaround time of about 2 weeks. I’ll deliver to you the following:

  • A report detailing:
    • The current state of your codebase
    • A list of screens and features
    • Actionable steps to improve the app
    • Best estimates for the level of effort involved
  • A walkthrough of my my development process step-by-step
  • A screen converted to the Clean Swift architecture
  • A unit test suite to cover the use cases of this screen
  • Mentorship program invitation

The price of this Right Code package is $2,500. To get started, click the button below and fill out the application. I’ll get back to you with scheduling and payment link.